The Most Exciting Flash Games

Fancy Pants Adventure 2

There is not much to talk about this game! Better to try! Wonderful and bright levels with beautiful design and dynamic gameplay will not let you get bored!


How far can you go? This is the biggest question when playing on Cubefield. Simple but so exciting avoiding game. Play it  and avoid all obstacles in your path. If you manage to do this far enough, the levels of the game will change the color and structure. What is your highest rating?

Burrito Bison Revenge

One of the most popular flash launch games. Running and bouncing rubber bears for money. After each round you can update start and bust statistics. In the end, you can do this far enough to fight the boss.

Pandemic 2

In Pandemic 2, you spread a deadly virus around the world. Try it all to infect everyone. Act very fast for updates. update certain symptoms and attributes. At first this game can be a little slow, but as soon as you get into it, you completely plunge into her plot and admire both the graphics and the gameplay.

Apple Shooter

Simple and exciting, but hard to beat. Try to shoot an apple from the head of a flax man. Try not to miss it, or you’ll kill it. After the end of each round you will go on and on.

Dead Zed 2

Dead Zed 2 is a fun first person game where you have to protect towers from zombies. Design and graphics will surely appeal to you. After each round, you can upgrade your gear and equipment. There is a lot of tediousness that will not let you get bored!


Draw your weapons as fast as possible! Try to shoot your opponent quickly. Try to instantly kill your head. Opponents will become so complex at later levels. Keep on busy, and eventually you will get your time to take any gun with tears in your path.

Papa’s Cooking Games Series

It is clearly the best cooking games we have  ever played under the name of Papa’s. They can call younger girls more frequently, but one can not deny the substantial depth of these games. Customers order food. Make your products as fast as possible. If you are good, then you will be paid and the client will be happy.