Safe Online Gaming

Many computer games can be played  through PCs, gaming consoles or smartphones, or on the Internet – in social networks, and so on. However, you must carefully monitor your rights. Be careful, since you can often give your data access by chance or do not notice hidden payments.


In the massive multiplayer online games (MMORPG or MMOs), the presence of such a large online community of anonymous strangers  discussions can lead to a variety of potential risks, such as:

-Inevitably or carelessly giving personal information, including password, email address or home address or age.

-Downloading “codes” that claim they are helping you, but may actually contain viruses / spyware.

-Downloading or getting a different way, pirate copies of games that can lead to punishment, including account suspension, console blocking from access to the manufacturer’s server or prosecution.

-Be careful of criminals when buying or selling a virtual property  – for example, high-level characters – if there is real money.

-“Griffin” – when players make you specially tailored to make your gaming experience less enjoyable.

-Download free web and add-on games that you must pay to access full content.

Secure gaming process

-Use strong passwords.

-Do not disclose any personal information to other players.

-Play online games only when you have an effective and up-to-date antivirus / antispyware software and firewall.

-Play only with authorized versions of games that you have purchased from the right sources and for which you have a license.

-Confirm the authenticity and security of downloaded files and new software by purchasing from reputable sources.

-Choose a username that does not display any personal information. Similarly, if your game involves the ability to create a personal profile, make sure that you do not submit any personal information.

-Make sure you keep up-to-date software for the game. Most multitasking games are automatically updated before allowing you to connect. Be very careful about downloading any unauthorized game associated with the game.

-Read the terms and conditions of the manufacturer or hosting company to make sure there are no immediate or future hidden charges.

 -Remember to delete your account information, as well as back up or transfer games to your new device, if needed.