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Regardless of whether you ever had to deal with flash games, you know exactly what it is. And you know exactly at least three of the most popular games. However, if you do not know them, then in this article we will look at the most popular games of all time! After reading, you will definitely want to play one of them!

Space Invaders

Paul Neave is an inspired flash developer whose talents seem endless. In addition to creating beautiful flash embedded sites, he has also created many flash games that perfectly reflect the gaming qualities of their original titles, and we really like them. His remake of Space Invaders, for example, is a real masterpiece that will capture you completely!


Another valuable work from Paul Neave is Frogger’s play, which all gamers mention with special trepidation. You play the role of a frog trying to cross the road and then the river. It may seem simple, but throw in ruthless machines with emotional drivers, and the river is packed with logs and slim turtles, and you have a job at your fingertips. Just start playing and you will understand why we called this game a masterpiece.


 Another addition to the  collection of vector parks – Park is one of the most intriguing flash game that we could ever enjoy with pleasure. With emphasis on Guillermo del Toro and Studio Ghibli, the idea is to click your way through the mysterious park, revealing a variety of challenging graphics and beautiful animations. What does all this mean? It’s up to you. It’s most likely that you will play the whole day!


Another classic remade for the Snake Sniper Flash game. Fans of Hardcore Snake will know that they were originally presented on Nokia phones and became a fast hit. Unfortunately, Nokia decided to change Snake and add 3D graphics, eventually destroying a really great game. But Neave saved it  in the form of an outbreak so that we could enjoy it again. Perhaps this game will annoy you, but it will be very difficult to get rid of it!