Flash Games – what associations do you encounter when you hear this phrase?

Flash Games – what associations do you encounter when you hear this phrase? Apparently, you immediately have a desire to open your favorite game and play for a few hours, without being distracted by anything else!

In this article we will look at the most popular flash games of all times!

Crimson room

Do not play it if you’re impatient, but if you’re training your logic and solving various tasks, it’s a fantastic game that will keep you entertained for hours, or even a whole day. You start in the red room with just one tip – are you ready for such a call?


What’s simplest is usually the best and most exciting! This also applies to this game! Everything is very simple, but you can not get away from it for at least a few hours! Your goal is to shoot as many balloons as you can – try and make sure!

Grow cube

This game is both very interesting, but also boring. For successful passing and growth of your cube you will need logic and clear notes. Are you ready for such a strategy, or we still going to find something simpler and more interesting?


Perhaps the most popular game of all time, which children and adults know! Like the Bejeweled,  Zuma is a classic game that is very fun to play and from which you can not break out! You have to shoot different colored balls from the mouth of a toad in a growing line of colored balls so that they all disappear – otherwise the toad will get them itself and you will lose. Make a combo for the highest score.

Vector runner

Flash games are different – from incredible to awkward: Vector Runner is definitely among the first. Using a very basic graphics, Vector Runner somehow manages to feel like a high-end game.

Cursor * 10

This game is likely to annoy you, but you will not be able to tear it away! Your goal is to get to the top, but the slightest error will take you back to the beginning of the path. Ready to try?


Leverage, in particular, is one of the best craft in the field of flash games, and in order to move to the next level, you need to balance several objects. Clear your diary – you will not do any work this afternoon.